Q:  What is Dreampatron?

A:  Dreampatron is a grassroots crowd funding platform that is 100% focused on helping hard-working, blue collar artists.


Q:  I’m an artist…how does Dreampatron work?

A:  Easy!  You sign up for FREE at www.dreampatron.com/artist_signup.  Once you do, you’ll get an authorization email sent to you enabling you to activate your account and to create your Dreampatron page in a few, simple steps.  In 24-48 hours your page will be live (after we approve your rewards to make sure they are legal and/or appropriate) and you can launch your Dreampatron campaign to your fans.


Q:  I’m a fan…what do I do?

A:  When a band you love sends you’re their Dreampatron artist page, simply choose a monthly package that works for you.  By supporting your favorite artist, you are enabling them to continue to write, tour and record…basically to keep on being an artist that you can enjoy!  Once you click on a package, you securely enter your payment information and VOILA…you become a Dreampatron!  An official member of the band’s team!  You’ll get a username and a password for exclusive access to the artist’s “Backstage Page.”  Here is where you’ll log-in to receive your monthly rewards.


Q:  Do I have to re-sign up each month?

A:  Nope! To borrow a tagline from one of those “Seen on TV” infomercials, you simply set it and forget it!  Sign-up once and you each month you’ll be automatically billed for $5, $10 or whatever monthly amount you choose.


Q:  What if I change my mind or if the band breaks up?

A:  You can cancel at any time.  No strings attached!  Just log-in, go to your settings page and unsubscribe there.


Q:  What is the money artists’ collect used for?

A:  Good question.  Unlike other crowd funding platforms that limit artists to a specific project (ie funding an album or a video), we allow the artists to use the money in any way they need.  It’s tough out there on the road and no matter how well bands make budgets before a tour, sh*t happens!  Transmissions fall out, trailers are broken into, amps blow out…this is the life of a touring musician.  Dreampatron funds can be used for any and all unexpected expenses, in addition to the aforementioned albums and other life necessities like health insurance.


Q: I’m an artist…how do I put my music and stuff on my artist page for subscribers?

A: It’s easy! First we’ll explain how/where you need to post stuff…then we’ll go through how to specifically post music and videos from various sources.

  • Log-in to Dreampatron with your username and password. This will take you to your “My Stage” page.
  • Once you are on your “My Stage” page, switch to your “Backstage Page.” You can find this tab on the top right of your screen.
  • Once you are on your “Backstage” page, click the “Edit” button for the reward level you want this content to reside.
  • In the appropriate text field, paste a link to your content on Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, Dropbox, etc. Here’s some more info about how to best use each of these sites within the framework of Dreampatron…


  • Upload your tracks and create a playlist
  • Set that playlist to “private”
  • Press the “share” button and another pop-up window appears. Select the “Embed” tab, click the “Wordpress” check off square. Copy the string of text to the left of the WordPress check off box.
  • Paste this embed code into the text field. Once you hit “Update,” this private player will have your streaming tracks available for your subscribers on Dreampatron (remember…set your player to “Private”).





  • Upload your video to YouTube, set the video to “Unlisted.”
  • Once it is uploaded, select “Share,” then copy the url that’s highlighted in blue.
  • Paste this URL into the text field or you choice on your “Backstage” page in Dreampatron. Once you hit “Update,” this unlisted YouTube video will appear exclusively for your fans!



Dropbox (great for offering private downloads to your fans):

  • Upload your music to Dropbox.com
  • Select “Share,” and a pop-up window will appear with the link to your song.
  • Here’s a little “hack” to use. Before you use that link, change the “=0” at the end to “=1”. This will enable the link to be a direct download (rather than taking your fans to the Dropbox site first).
  • Copy that share link, paste it in your “Backstage” page reward field and VOILA!   Your fans will have links to download your music!




Have questions not covered here?  Please email info@dreampatron.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.